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Hi! I am Liga Dzene

I was born in Latvia and I currently live here. Exploration of human psychology started when I was a teenager. I really liked psychological tests, I thought they will show me who I am and will get answers to why I felt like outcast and why my life wasn’t the way I wanted. I thought I was dealt very bad cards and have to live with them for rest of my life.

I started to study psychology in University to get more answers and left studies in 2024 when I moved to England, to escape it all. I found more answers why I am screwed up and didn’t know that I can change it.

Moving to England was one of my best choices, because there I learned about different modalities and tools that helps not only get clarity on human psychology but even change it faster and more efficiently.

I went on Tony Robbins, Chris Howard, T Harv Eker  seminars, I went to spiritualist’s church and learned mediumship, I walked on hot coals. I got life coach certificate and many others. So I did it all and more.

In 2013 I learned about Access Consciousness and next 7 years I spent mostly doing their stuff. In those years I learned more to trust my own knowing, work with energies and stand my own ground.

In 2019 I started slowly move away from their teachings and dive deeper into world on energies, quantum field studies. I learned light language that I started to incorporate into my coaching practice. 

In March 2014, I moved back to Latvia, it was time to face all those thing that made me run away to UK in first place. I grew up in pretty regular family, I never got abused and never had terrible situations in my life, even in spite of them I felt like there is something wrong with me and felt guilty of complaining about it as by life wasn’t that bad.

For me that was a biggest mystery.

I started to read Akashic records in May 2020 when I completed course of Linda Howe.  In my first month I offered free readings and I did over 60 sessions that month. It was great way to jump in deep and and learn to swim in world of mystery.

Since then I have been doing regular readings. What I love about these readings that it builds my trust and faith in invisible world and my own powers and abilities. But greatest joy is from giving clarity and peace of mind for my clients.

Now I live in Latvia, in beautiful house surrounded by forest. This is my own corner of paradise, that I am so proud of creating. I managed to create my own living in middle of nowhere and my companions are cats Cookie and Coco.


WhatsApp: +37129907770

E-mail: liga@ligasspace.com

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
6pm - 11pm EEST (Riga)
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