Akashic Records

with Liga Dzene

What Akashic records can give to you?


If you are feeling stuck, confused and have no idea what direction to go, Akashic records can show you next step, it can show you bigger picture of your situation and what your destination might look. Remember, Akashic records can’t tell you what to do, it can show you possibilities.

From there on you can make a choice.


Clarity is an understated idea in this world. Very often getting clarity in situation is the best solution to it. We try to figure things out with our mind and tangle them even more.

When you get clear on your next step, things start moving. When you get clarity on what situation actually is, it stops being a problem and solution comes.

Akashic records can show you what is in the centre of your situation, it can show it to you from different perspective. 


Akashic records hold truth about you. It can show it to you, if you are willing to see it. Healing comes from being willing to see what is underneath the veil of your situations, whether it is health, money, relationships etc. When we are ready to know it, everything unravels and healing can begin.


Most of or life’s situations are not that bad as we are picturing. Quite often we make them worse by thinking and allowing our thought to wonder into wilderness. Until we are lost and can’t see what is what.

Akashic records can give piece of mind and ease, by showing you what this situation is really like and it can show you solution that was right there all this time.

and much much more...

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