How can Akashic records help you?

There are many ways how Akashic records can help you.

CLARITY: Main reason why people ask for it, it gives clarity in day to day situations. For example – you had an argument with your friend and now everything is weird about it. Usually when we have argument with someone, we say things in anger and say something we didn’t mean to say. Very often there are more to this situation than meets the eye and that is a real reason behind this argument. Very often people don’t talk honestly to each other, they are embarrassed to admit they were wrong etc. Akashic records can help you to see what is a true reason and how can it possibly be resolved.

Another example, things don’t go as you wish in your business, employees are leaving, machines are braking etc. When you are inside the situation, it is hard to see what really is there. Akashic records help you to see situation from above, the whole picture. Gaining clarity in it, you can take steps to actually fix it.

GUIDANCE: Akashic records contains all information about you, it sees your path from above, from sides, from front and back. It can see where your path is blocked and what is blocking it. By going into your Akashic records, you can ask them to guide you and show you the way out of it.

Most important thing is not to get dependant of it. It is easy when someone gives us possible steps to success and we don’t have to think ourselves.

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